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KaKa Racing it not just about Racing. Although it did start with the Racing. We found over the years that if you wanted or needed anything doing it was nearly always better and quicker to do things yourself. It always worked out cheaper too. This is why we have branched off into building Websites, making Stickers and team T-Shirts.

We started right with our own site:


There was never a problem with the KaKa Site, except because of the shear size of it, and the amount of updates needed to keep it up to date, we found that it was better to update the site ourselves, and due to the amount of broken links on the site, building the site from scratch was the best and easiest way to correct the problems.

So what are we offering: Simple and cheap websites for a racer on a budget (but you don't have to be a racer). We have found that people are more willing to sponsor you as a racer when they realise they are advertised on the net.

There is nothing worse when you look at a website and they are either cluttered, and hectic to navigate, or the other extreme when they have so much on them, but are one page long and you have to scroll forever and a day to see all the info. Look at this site, if you are happy with what you see then contact us for a quote.

Prices start from £200

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